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Wood Birth Flower Garden (New)

Wood Birth Flower Garden (New)

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Our customizable birth flower gardens are truly unique, meaningful and will look beautiful on display. Not to mention they make perfect gift or piece of decor for every Mom or Grandma! We chose to laser cut the flowers from 3mm MDF to capture the delicate and whimsical characteristics of flowers. Because of this, they are fragile and must be handled with care. The bases are made from real walnut wood that displays the natural variance found in nature. We offer bases that hold anywhere from 1-9 flowers so you can make your garden the perfect fit for your family!

Bases vary in size depending on how many slots you need for flowers. The base sizes are as follows:
1 hole base: 3"
2 and 3 hole base: 6"
4 and 5 hole base: 10"
6 and 7 hole base: 14"
8 and 9 hole base: 18"

Each flower is between 8-9" in height and vary in total width depending on the flower.
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