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Rose Flower Garden

Rose Flower Garden

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Our rose flower gardens are unique, meaningful and they make for the perfect Valentines or anniversary gift. They capture the beauty of real roses, but will last for years to come and make a beautiful piece of decor for your home.
You can also choose to customize your garden and have the base engraved with your choice of note, quote, or passage.

We chose to laser cut the flowers from 3mm MDF to capture the delicate and whimsical characteristics of flowers. Because of this, they are fragile and must be handled with care. The bases are made from real walnut wood that displays the natural variance found in nature.

The bases vary in size depending on how many roses you’d like in your garden. The base sizes are as follows:
1 hole base: 3"
3 hole base: 6"
5 hole base: 10"

Each flowers varies slightly in height, and the garden at its tallest reaches 10.5”
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